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It just hits different...

What Makes CoTZ Healthier?

Contains Only Titanium & Zinc

CōTZ contains no chemical sunscreens, which can be irritating, penetrate your skin, and absorb UV energy. Mineral sunscreens are inherently gentle, and work by reflecting away harmful rays. So you never have to worry about harmful rays heating up and absorbing into your skin.

This sunscreen is seriously the best I’ve ever tried. I’ve experimented with so many different face sunscreen products, but none of them dry as beautifully as COTZ.


I love the tinted variety of this sunscreen. For years, I had searched for something like this – it goes on silky and smooth, and does an exceptional job blocking harmful rays.


The finest facial sunscreen on the market bar none. They have developed the secret sauce. Goes on smooth and doesn’t dry all day.