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3 Easy Ways to Incorporate SPF into the Latest Fall Makeup Trends

Natural brows, a lot of blush, glossy lips. We’re seeing them everywhere right now! The question is: where does SPF fall into that routine? PSA, everybody: you still need to wear sunscreen during the colder months! Wearing sunscreen every day is crucial for fending off age spots, wrinkles, and most importantly skin cancer. Here’s everything you need to know about using sunscreen to elevate your fall makeup look! 

So, what’s trending?  

  1. Light face makeup. 

We have all been LOVING using cream face makeup because of their effortless look and comfortability on the skin. Face Prime & Protect Tinted SPF 40 is the perfect base for these natural looks. This product is great because it has a whipped texture that smooths out your pores and helps even out your skin tone without leaving a white cast. You might even end up needing less (or none at all!) of your skin tint, foundation, or concealer because Face Prime & Protect Tinted SPF 40 did some of the work for you! Simply apply two fingers worth of product onto clean, moisturized skin and top it off with a little concealer, cream blush, brow gel, and a gloss for the perfect everyday look.  


Have dry skin? We got you! CoTZ Face Moisture Lightly Tinted SPF 35 is a great product to use as a base for our friends whose skin needs a little extra TLC. Like Face Prime & Protect Tinted, it has a whipped texture that helps smooth out the skin, but it also has added hydration that will lock in any serums or moisturizer you used before applying it! First: Apply two finger lengths worth of product to your clean, moisturized skin. Then, apply your skin tint, cream bronzer, brow gel, and mascara. Pro tip: apply a little cream bronzer in your eye crease for extra definition! 


  1. Moisturized lips. 

Every year when fall hits, the trend is always darker lips. Instead of using liquid lipstick formulas like we have in the past (no more cakey matte lipstick!), most people are opting for a creamier formula dabbed on with a darker lip liner to accentuate the shape of the lips. Just like your face, your lips need sun protection too! Darker lip colors have the habit of highlighting how dry your lips are, even with a creamier formula. CoTZ Lip Balm SPF 45 is the perfect base for your favorite fall lip combo. Use CoTZ Lip Balm SPF 45 to add a boost of hydration while keeping your lips protected before lining your lips and adding that Fall pop of color.  


  1. Dewy skin. 

Dewy skin is trending for two reasons this fall. 1- a youthful glow looks good on EVERYONE, 2- most of us need a little extra hydration in the colder months. CoTZ Flawless Complexion Tinted SPF 50 is a best seller for good reason. It is a tinted product that leaves a beautiful glow on the skin while keeping your skin protected! Use as a base under your other face products for that extra dew and top off with a little cream blush and highlighter to take that youthful glow a step further! Pro Tip: if you have combination skin but want that glow, dab a little translucent powder in your t-zone to keep your oils at bay while keeping the rest of your skin nice and dewy!  


You’ll no longer have to worry about protecting your skin as you follow the latest trends! Trends will come and go but having healthy skin will always be in! Don’t forget to bring your favorite SPF products on the go for re-application while you are apple picking, drinking cider and enjoying all the other fall activities you are doing this season!  

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