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Easy Swaps to Your Winter Skin Routine to Help Combat Dry Skin

It is now February and I think most of our skin is feeling the effects of this winter season! Dry and irritated skin during winter months can be frustrating, but don’t worry. You are not alone! Here are a few simple changes you can make in your daily routine to help you get through winter!

There are few things that feel better on a cold winter day than taking a steaming hot shower. Unfortunately, your skin begs to differ. According to Everyday Health, long hot showers only dry out the skin. If the water is so hot that it is turning your skin red, that’s your sign to turn the temperature down! If you can’t give up a hot shower, at least try turning the temperature down a bit and see if your dry skin improves! Moisturize right out of the shower while your skin is still a bit damp (yes late night showers are included). This can significantly improve the dryness of your skin this winter.

One of the easiest ways to add moisture to your skin is to switch out a few skincare products for more hydrating options during the winter months. One easy way to do this is switching out your SPF product! Here are 3 SPF recommendations to help meet your winter sunscreen needs!

  1. If your skin is a bit dry or easily irritated, CōTZ Sensitive SPF 40 is the perfect winter must have! It has Broad spectrum SPF 40 so you know your skin will be protected and it was specifically formulated for sensitive skin! CōTZ Sensitive SPF 40 has a gentle, hydrating formula that will add extra moisture to your routine while locking in the hydration of your other products! Pro tip: CōTZ Sensitive SPF 40 can be used on your body too! Apply some to your hands during the winter months for extra moisture and protection.
  2. CōTZ Face Moisture SPF 35 is another great winter alternative! It’s the perfect product for you if you are looking for a hydrating product that has a matte finish. Face Moisture is lightly tinted and has a velvety smooth finish that layers beautifully under makeup while keeping your skin moisturized.
  3. CōTZ Flawless Complexion SPF 50 is another great product to add to your winter skincare routine. Flawless Complexion SPF 50 is a favorite for good reason. This tinted product has a natural dewy finish, so it’s the perfect product to use for that glow while adding a boost of hydration into your skin. Flawless Complexion SPF 50 is great for all skin types, including sensitive, rosacea-prone, or breakout-prone skin!

Another winter essential is obvious but seems to be the number one thing most of us forget: having a lip balm on you at all times. Besides chapped lips being not so cute, they are also really uncomfortable. Applying a good lip balm gives your lips instant relief and prevents future irritation. Bonus points if your lip balm also has SPF!!! We recommend CōTZ Lip Balm SPF 45. This lip balm leaves your lips moisturized and feeling smooth. Not to mention, it’s also lightly tinted so there is no white cast and it also has a deliciously subtle kiwi-lime-ginger flavor! A lip balm that has Broad Spectrum SPF and a light tint? Sign me up!


We hope these tips help make the next few weeks more bearable on you and your skin! Leave a comment sharing your favorite winter skin tip on our Instagram @cotzskincare and we can all help each other out!!! Only 133 days until summer, but who’s counting? 😉

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