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The Best Sunscreens For Your Little One(s)!

Our babies and children out there have the most delicate of all skin types. Chemical sunscreens in particular can be extremely irritating to their skin. Physical sunscreen filters are much better tolerated, particularly zinc oxide. COTZ Baby SPF 40 is extra gentle, containing 20% zinc oxide as its only active ingredient. And it is Pediatric Dermatologist recommended, baby!  With kids that are a little older, we know that applying sunscreen is half the battle. They don’t like the way it feels, they say it smells funny, or they just want to get out and play already! We’ve got you, mom and dad.

Try COTZ Silky Foam Non-Tinted. First of all, it’s fun to apply. Kids will actually enjoy putting on their sunscreen because it comes out like a dollop of bubbly clouds. Secondly, it spreads quickly and easily, so even if your kids are itching to get outside, just a few quick swipes and they are good to go on their next wild adventure. Lastly, there are no fragrances, dyes, oils, or parabens in COTZ Silky Foam Non-Tinted, so no stinky sunscreen and it is all perfectly safe to use on your squirmy ones. On a final note, a foam sunscreen is much safer for your whole family than spray sunscreens. Sprays tend to be inhaled, which is obviously dangerous for anyone, but particularly our growing children and tweens.

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  • Alan Miller on November 14, 2022

    This company makes the best sunscreen and their support is second to none.

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