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7 Sunscreen Mistakes You Might Be Making!

The number of people who don't make the use of a daily sunscreen a priority is shocking. Sunscreen shouldn't only be for protecting your beautiful skin when you are at the beach or pool; it's meant for protecting it every day! To be honest, some people who are using sunscreen daily in their moisturizer or foundation aren't using the correct type. Understanding the mistakes that most users make will ensure that you are getting the best results from your SPF!

1. Forgetting to Use It

Sunscreen is going to help protect your skin from dark spots, fine lines, and wrinkles only if you wear it daily - even in the winter! UVA rays penetrate your skin all year long! A is for Aging and All-Year-Round. That redness that you get when you are out in the sun for an extended period of time? Those are from UVB rays. B is for Burning (There will be a quiz at the end of this). Use C


TZ Prime & Protect Tinted SPF 40
as your makeup primer every morning so you know that you are protected. Even if you aren’t doing a full face, the light tint will provide enough coverage for a quick run to the grocery store.

2. Using Chemical Sunscreens

Did you know that there are only two physical sunscreen filters? Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide. Take a look at your daily sunscreen. Does it contain only these two ingredients, or even just Zinc Oxide alone? If not, you’re using a chemical sunscreen, in which several of these ingredients have been found to absorb into the bloodstream! Now what does all of that mean? A physical sunscreen filter sits on top of your skin and reflects the UVA and UVB rays away as if you are wearing a coat of mirrored armor! With a chemical sunscreen filter, the sunscreen is absorbed into your skin, and converted to heat. No bueno. Good thing all of our CōTZ sunscreens are healthier options for you!

3. Using the Wrong Sunscreen for Your Skin Type

It is so important for you to learn about your skin type. Are you dry, oily, normal, or combination? Getting to know your skin will help you pick the right sunscreen! If you find that your skin is a bit oily, CōTZ Face Prime & Protect has an elegant, matte finish. And it's available both tinted and non-tinted! Worried about a white or purple cast on your dark skin? CōTZ Flawless Complexion SPF 50 will leave you with a beautiful glow that Queen B herself will envy. Is your skin a little more delicate? Use CōTZ Sensitive SPF 40 to protect your skin gently.

Better yet, take our sunscreen quiz to find the perfect CōTZ sunscreen for you: Take the quiz here.

4. Not Reapplying

Do you think you can wake up, slap some sunscreen on your face, and then go hit the gym or beach confidently for eight hours? It isn’t enough to apply your sunscreen just in the morning. If you're sweating or swimming, you must make sure that your sunscreen is water resistant, and even so, you must reapply afterwards to ensure that you are covered. You should really reapply your sunscreen every two hours to ensure that you are properly protected. 

5. Assuming That a Higher SPF Will Protect You Longer

Too many people think that slathering on SPF 100 is going to ensure that they can stay in the sun for a longer period of time than with an SPF 40. With a perfectly uniform application, an SPF 100 provides 99% protection. An SPF 40 gives 97.5% protection. It takes a whole lot more chemical sunscreen for a minimal increase in protection. But in reality, all sunscreens must be applied every 2 hours per FDA recommendations, so the gain is minimal. Don’t be fooled by the SPF misconception that if a little is good, then a lot is better! Also, check the SPF in your foundation. You may think it’s enough but make sure that if that’s all you’re using that it is an SPF 30 or above.

6. Using Spray Sunscreen

This is just the absolute WORST! If you enjoy inhaling chemicals and coughing incessantly until the air clears, then sprays are for you! (That’s a joke). Please do not inhale your sunscreen. It’s actually pretty dangerous for your health, and for the health of your children. Try using CōTZ Silky Foam Non-Tinted SPF 30. It’s a fun application for the kids and a little bit of this product goes a long way. At an SPF 40, it is providing you and your family with great coverage, plus it’s 40 minutes water resistant so the fun doesn’t have to stop.

7. Missing Important Spots

Have you ever burnt your scalp or ears? We know; it’s pretty terrible. Running a dollop of sunscreen on your part line will ensure that you won’t burn, peel, and look like you have dandruff for the next two weeks. Make sure that you rub a little bit on your ears as well! CōTZ Mineral Sun Stick SPF 45 is great for these little trouble areas. Also, don't forget your lips! They can get sunburn too. Use CōTZ Lip Balm SPF 45 daily to protect this often-missed spot. Pro tip: apply your sunscreen while you’re nude. When you wait until your clothes or bathing suit is on, you will gingerly apply it so as to not get it on your clothes. That’s how you end up with patchy burns in some of the most sensitive places!    

I hope that you found this information to be most helpful and entertaining. As promised: your quiz!


  1. What words can you use to remember what UVA rays are?
    1. Aging and Anxiety
    2. Aging and All-Year-Round
    3. Aging and Artful Eyebrows
    4. Aging and Attraction
  2. What word can you use to remember what UVB rays are?
    1. Beauty
    2. Beyoncé
    3. Burning
    4. Beach

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