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Alyssa’s Top 3 Surfing Spots Around the World

By: Alyssa Spencer

Hey everyone! My name is Alyssa Spencer. I am a professional surfer and ambassador for CōTZ Skincare. I compete in surfing competitions all around the world and travel frequently to compete, train, and surf! In fact, just a few days ago I traveled back from South Africa. This was the longest amount of travel time I have ever experienced; it took me close to 40 hours to get home! Crazy, right?

Surfing has given me the opportunity to travel to some amazing places over the years. I am so grateful for all the incredible places I have been able to experience. I want to share with you a few of my favorite places I have been to so far for those of you who enjoy the beach, surfing, or traveling! 


Gold Coast, Australia - This is one of my favorite places in the world for a few reasons. First off, the waves are amazing! It’s home to Snapper Rocks, which is one of the best waves in the world. I had my first event of the year here and it was a dream to surf it with only 3 other girls out. The whole vibe around the Gold Coast is super fun and fresh! It’s very warm and tropical. I stay in Coolangatta, never rent a car and get my steps in when I come because the beaches and restaurants are all within walking distance. It is a great place to come for amazing surfing, beautiful beaches, yummy food, and good vibes. 


Pavones, Costa Rica - I am a goofy footer. For those of you who may be new to surfing, that means that I stand on the board with my right foot forward and when I go left on a wave I am riding frontside. Pavones is one of the longest left hander waves in the world, and for a goofy footer, this is heaven! I caught the longest wave I’ve ever ridden here. It is located in the jungle in the very south of Costa Rica. So it is quite a journey to get here but it is one of the most beautiful places in the world. My days here consisted of surfing lots of hours, reapplying my CōTZ sunscreen many times a day, and eating tons of my favorite fruits, mangos! 


Mentawais, Indonesia - I had the opportunity to do a boat trip to the Mentawais a few years ago. This was one of the best surf trips I've ever been on. There is every type of wave you can think of on the Mentawai island chain. Any surfers dream! The travel path to get there is crazy, though. 3 flights and a 12-hour boat ride. But the adventure is so worth it! The best part of this trip is that there is no phone service when you are living on the boat so you get to completely unplug from the social world and be present to enjoy the beautiful moments in front of you. The water is warm, a beautiful blue, and the waves are incredible. And boat life is so fun. It is just a very special and magical place. 



Image: @chrisgrantphoto

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