Sarah G. from Playa Del Rey, CA

CoTz Face Non -Tinted SPF 40:
OMG THIS STUFF IS THE BEST! I seriously can't get over how soft and lovely the texture of this product is. A little goes a long way, and it blends well with my skin tone while helping to conceal blemishes while it protects! Superstar product! Must, must must-have for me.

Reyna F. from Ruidoso, NM

CoTZ Sensitive SPF 40:
Great for every day use. I have eczema and this doesn't aggravate it. Doesn't have that annoying sunscreen smell.

Annie C. from Cornelius, NC

CoTZ Sensitive SPF 40:
This sunscreen is one of the only ones that I use. I have such sensitive skin that it's hard to find a sunscreen that works for me. But this gives me no irritation at all and works great!

Roxiibaby from Northern VA

CoTz Flawless Complexion SPF 50:
I've tried all kinds of sunscreen for my face. My skin is so sensitive. Every chemical sunscreen has made my face red, itchy and blotchy. Physical sunblocks have been white and cakey. This product is amazing! It goes on smoothly and has a light tint that gives it just enough coverage to forego any other product for the natural, "I woke up like this" look. Once applied, my face has a glow like I just finished working out. That glow lasts about ten minutes; until the sunblock dries. After that it dries to a more matt finish.

humminbyrdz from Western North Carolina

CoTz Face Natural Skin Tone SPF 40:
I use this product every day and have since I tried my first sample about 3 years ago. I live in NC and work outdoors - intense sun and heat. I use this over a moisturizer and under powder mineral foundation, under eye concealers and eyebrow makeup. My skin is protected from the sun and my makeup doesn't budge. Even in the winter my face is exposed to sunlight daily and I know I am protected. Honestly, I don't feel it on my face, but, to my fingers, my face feels super soft and smooth. It is so much more comfortable than other facial sunscreens plus has the added benefit of being a primer. It is colorless on me. You get a huge amount of product for less price than most face primers. It goes on sale fairly regularly during the summer and I stock up. I don't write reviews often, but wanted to share my enthusiasm for this product.

Saramel from Brentwood, TN

CoTz Face Natural Skin Tone SPF 40:
This is the absolute best mineral sunscreen on the market. It acts like a makeup primer but even when I don't wear makeup it makes my skin look so much better. I've searched for years to find the right mineral sunscreen that doesn't look ghostly, applies easily, doesn't clog pores, and this fulfills all of those goals and more. I can't count how many tubes I've already purchased and I always have an extra stashed under my sink so I'll never run out. I highly recommend it to everyone I know.

C Malek from Houston TX

CoTz Face Natural Skin Tone SPF 40:
I use this daily as a "foundation" and apply my usual powder, blush and bronzer over it. Works great and is light weight!!