National Cleanup Day 2019 Recap

September 25, 2019

National Cleanup Day was this past Saturday and takes place every year on the third Saturday of September. From coast to coast, people across America joined forces to make a difference. Our little CoTZ team, Devin and Ashley, took to the streets of Phoenixville, Pennsylvania this year to do our part.

Check out our recap video of our efforts:

We started at the entrance to the Pennsylvania Water Trail by the Schuylkill River. (Side note: If you live in Pennsylvania, you know how to say this. Otherwise, good luck!) Of course, we applied our CoTZ mineral sunscreen before starting!

We walked through the park area where the picnic tables are, which was where we found a ton of bottle caps and straws (noooo, not the sea turtles!). We cleaned up under the bridge to the other side of the river, where we saved a bush from some fishing line. We even went on a rescue mission to get a plastic mug out of a ditch. One of our team members climbed down an It: Chapter 2-esque tunnel for the sake of getting that one piece of trash. That’s commitment to the cause, y’all!

As we got onto the Neil Thorpe Trail, the amount of trash was tenfold. So much broken glass, food wrappers, and plastic bottles. The only place worse than the trail was the main road leading into downtown Phoenixville. Even our videographer put on some gloves and helped! It is astonishing how much rubbish there is along the sides of roads and stuck in bushes, ruining the beauty of our community.

We walked by people fishing, biking, kayaking, and paddle boarding in the river (and we got to pet some dogs!). A clean environment provides a better experience for all those who enjoy the outdoors, and that was our goal for our community. Many people thanked us for our contribution, and one guy even said that he felt inspired by what we were doing.

At the end of our adventure, we ended up filling an entire heavy-duty contractor trash bag, making our home community just a little nicer to live. Once we decided that it was time for a well-deserved cheese board, we still saw so much trash along the road. We felt like all we could see was trash from that point on in the day. Do other people notice it, or have we turned a blind eye to this tragedy? We hope to be able to open others’ eyes to this issue.

We want to encourage everybody not to step over trash when you see it, but just pick it up. Hopefully everybody that loves our products and supports us are conscious of not littering this incredible planet, so we won’t remind you, but please encourage those around you to keep the streets, fields, mountains, and oceans free of trash. It will make our world a better place to explore, and that’s all we really want, right?

We are proud to have been a part of another successful National Cleanup Day!