The Goods

CōTZ® Face Prime & Protect SPF 40 is a sheer mineral sunscreen providing broad spectrum UVA-UVB protection in a silky, translucent primer. Layers beautifully under makeup or can be used alone for a smooth matte finish.

Why It Works

Sheer titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are formulated into a silky, waterless base that helps set your foundation and won’t breakdown. Virtually weightless, CoTZ Prime & Protect blends translucent for a flawless finish.

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Face Prime & Protect SPF 40
CōTZ® Best Seller Expert

What the experts say:

Lindy Sue Pro Makeup Artist of 18 years @Mrs_lindysue

What makes FACE Prime & Protect tinted the perfect SPF primer? Its silky matte texture and the fact that it’s not greasy. Every person I use it on becomes obsessed!

What is the best method to use FACE Prime & Protect tinted under makeup? I like to apply with my fingers on a clean, moisturized face and let it soak in for about 5 minutes before applying foundation.

Why is sunscreen important to beauty routines? In my opinion, sunscreen is the most important cosmetic product you can use. You can use all the anti-aging creams in the world, but over exposure to the sun without sunscreen is the leading cause of skin aging and damage.

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